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For our first “Meet the Maryland Hokies” is none other than Baltimore’s own, Kendall Fuller!

What part of Maryland are you from?

KF: Baltimore


Favorite thing to do in Maryland? Favorite place to visit?

KF: My favorite place to visit is Tzsports [in Eldersburg, Maryland]. That’s where I work out at, and I like going there and getting some good work in.


How did you first learn about Virginia Tech?

KF: Through my brothers. I started going to games here when I was 5 when Vinnie was here.


Why did you chose Virginia Tech? Did you have a connection to VT prior to deciding?

KF: I knew what I was going to get. They have a good defensive staff with Coach [Bud] Foster and Coach [Torrian] Gray. It was a good environment and a good school. All three of my older brothers went here, and they all had good experiences.


Who recruited you to Virginia Tech?

KF: Coach [Kevin] Sherman, and then Coach [Aaron] Moorehead.


What is your major and why did you choose it?

KF: Business finance. I chose it because we’ve got a good business school, and I’m good with numbers.


What is your greatest on-field/sports memory?

KF: I would say the championship game my senior year of high school. We beat DeMatha. I had three touchdowns and some pass breakups.


How has being a student-athlete added to your experience at Tech?

KF: It makes it tougher. You’ve got to grow up and mature more.


How has being a student athlete prepared you for life after graduation?

KF: It has helped me to stay focused and persevere through a lot of things and just builds your character.


Are there any other activities (clubs, student organizations, volunteer activities, etc.) in which you have been involved during your time at Virginia Tech? If so, tell us about them.

KF: No, not really.


Is there a particular faculty member, administrator, local citizen, etc. that you’ve had the good fortune to meet during your time at Virginia Tech who has really inspired or challenged you in some way?  If so, who was that person and in what way have they made an impact on you?

KF: I would say Coach Gray. He has us ready. He puts in a lot of extra time to get us ready for games.


What are your plans after graduation?  Do you think you will return to Maryland someday?

KF: I’m not sure what my plans are after graduation. I sort of take life as it goes.


What do you do for fun when you have free time?

KF: I like bowling. I went one time, and I was bad at it. Then I decided to keep practicing, and I got good. I also love paintball. I started that in high school with my brothers.


What’s your favorite food?

KF: Crabcakes, of course! I’m from Maryland.


Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and is there a story behind it.

KF: Most people just call me “K-Full” for the obvious reason.


What type of music do you listen to? Who is your favorite artist?

KF: Rap, R&B – old-school R&B – and gospel. My favorite artists are J. Cole, Drake, Mary J. Blige and Alicia Keys.


Do you have any message for Hokies living in Maryland?

KF: I have two. Make sure you get your tickets for the Ohio State game, and thank you for all supporting me and the team over the years.


Virginia Tech Football at North Carolina

Virginia Tech Football at North Carolina

Virginia Tech Football vs. Duke

Virginia Tech Football vs. Duke









We’d like to thank Kendall and the Athletic Department for making this happen!