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This month’s Meet the Maryland Hokie is VT Football Defensive Back Donovan Riley!

Donovan is a Baltimore native and one of the Senior leaders for the Football team


What part of Maryland are you from?



Favorite thing to do in Maryland? Favorite place to visit?

Watch the Orioles play on a summer night in Camden Yards. My favorite place to visit is Federal Hill.


How did you first learn about Virginia Tech?

I first learned about Virginia Tech through the Fuller family.


Why did you chose Virginia Tech? Did you have a connection to VT prior to deciding?

I chose Virginia Tech because it provides a family-oriented atmosphere. My connection to Virginia Tech prior to my decision was Kyle Fuller. He was my host on my official visit here at Tech.


Who recruited you to Virginia Tech?

Coach Kevin Sherman


What is your major and why did you choose it?

My major is property management. I chose it because real estate is always going to be a necessity for people who need a home or a place to conduct business.


What is your greatest on-field/sports memory?

My first interception against Florida State my freshman year, and the pick-six against Ohio State.


How has being a student-athlete added to your experience at Tech?

As a student athlete, I understand the impact that I have on someone who looks up to me because of my affiliation with the football team. I feel like having an impact like that can really empower and motivate people to do something great.


How has being a student-athlete prepared you for life after graduation?

It prepared me by enhancing the skills I used in football to utilizing them in the workforce. For example, the importance of being on time to meetings here at Tech will carry over to my time management skills in my career.


Are there any other activities (clubs, student organizations, volunteer activities, etc.) in which you have been involved during your time at Virginia Tech?  If so, tell us about them.

I volunteered with Herma’s Readers, which is a program that is created by Coach [Frank] Beamer that allows athletes to reach out to the nearby schools and read books to the children.


Is there a particular faculty member, administrator, local citizen, etc. whom you’ve had the good fortune to meet during your time at Virginia Tech who has really inspired or challenged you in some way?  If so, who was that person and in what way have they made an impact on you?

Coach Frank Beamer is a legend here at Tech and in college football for being the most active winningest coach in college football, but also being a man of high character who has earn earned the respect of millions of people. Another person I’ve had the fortune to meet is Nikki Giovanni, a distinguished professor here at Tech.


What are your plans after graduation?  Do you think you will return to Maryland someday?

After graduation, I plan to attend graduate school. I will return to Maryland, but I do not think I will live there for the rest of my life.


What do you do for fun when you have free time?

I like to draw and cook.


What’s your favorite food?

I love Italian food!


Do you have a nickname? If so, what is it and is there a story behind it?

Yes. My teammates call me Deuce because of my number.


What type of music do you listen to? Favorite Artist?

I’m pretty diverse when it comes to listening to music. My favorite artists are Jay Z, J Cole, Drake and Taylor Swift


Do you have any message for the Hokies living in Maryland?

I am proud to be a Maryland Hokie!